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DOI: 10.22181/aer.2016.0107




Strategy for the development of the 3rd generation of the performance assessment system of WWTP


Catarina Silva, José Saldanha Matos, Maria João Rosa




Wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) are currently subject of improvement efforts of their technical, environmental and economic performance. The undertakings, regulators and funding bodies have been using performance assessment systems to support their decisions. In this context, LNEC developed the 1st and the 2nd generation of the performance assessment system (PAS) of WWTPs, which is based on performance indicators and indices. For both metrics, the reference values for judging the performance are key elements but were not yet developed for many aspects. This lack of knowledge was addressed within the scope of a PhD thesis whose overall objective was to develop the 3rd generation of PAS with reference values for judging and improving the WWTP performance in terms of effectiveness, reliability, energy performance and sludge management. The research strategy adopted consisted on developing or selecting, from the 2nd PAS generation, a set of PIs and PXs according to the abovementioned assessment objectives and to develop the reference values based on empirical equations and on literature and field data. This communication presents briefly the strategy and the approach developed for each performance objective.


KEYWORDS:  Performance assessment, Performance indicators, Performance indices, Reference values, WWTP.


DOI:  10.22181/aer.2016.0107


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